Greetings from #SMX Sydney Australia, 2010. The exuberance here could light a continent.  Sydney is a shimmering study in architecture, culture, wealth & bustling cosmopolitan life. This SMX conference, advanced edition, feels vital and spot-on  relevant to Australian Internet marketing.

Take the cloistered urban grandeur of New York, mash it up with a healthy dose of San Fransisco northern CA charm and exotic melting pot romance…well that’s Sydney.   When I arrived yesterday (has it been only one day), a friend took me for a walk for miles. After that, of course,  I ate in Chinatown-thus the pastries.

I’ll share lots more but, for now, it’s all I can do to hold an to this full contact participatory search marketing environment. The folks here are eager for information, hungry to engage. Sydney is a crown jewel of the Pacific Ocean. Thanks Sydney. Thanks SMX.