Google is planning to test ultra-high speed broadband networks and is considering Duluth as a trial location, among others across the country.

Google Fiber, so you’re considering a move to Duluth…? Join the club. In 1982 I first came to visit. Then after a decade-long love affair with the Boundary Waters Canoe Area (BWCA) to the North, I finally made it here in 95’ and never left. Our office to this day is in famed Canal Park. Many of us here have similar stories of falling in love with Duluth and moving here.

Google, over the coming days, we’ll be sharing aspects of our community and why aimClear, an internationally known search marketing agency & many other tech companies, thrive here.  57% of aimClear’s employees were either born in the Duluth/Superior area and/or are a product of University of Minnesota, Duluth or University if Wisconsin, Superior.  Today’s Part 1 shares some background, pictures from our friend Dennis O’Hara & a free music download of one of my songs-deeply inspired by Lake Superior.

I was but in my early 20’s when I first discovered this unique region. So much about Duluth, Minnesota was utterly compelling to me. Having grown up in Boston, summered on Nantucket, frequented trails in the Presidential Range of New Hampshire’s White Mountains, Duluth was like coming home without having ever been. Dude, I could not believe it was Minnesota!

A Vast Inland Sea
Lake Superior is AWESOME.  I was no stranger to the sea’s spectacular grandeur or intense weather for that matter.

Not to worry… the Souls are hardy here, born of Northern European Immigrants. The ore that powered America’s industrial revolution was sent by train from the great Mesabi Range, loaded onto boats in Duluth Harbor and sent to Detroit. Now, taconite pellets have been replaced by high tech and tourism.

Duluth is a perfectly placed digital port of call.

Duluth is a world-class pristine wilderness port-city gateway. For generations ships of many shapes, sizes and purposes crossed under our great areal lift bridge.  From the Saint Lawrence Seaway Greek, Turkish, Italian and vessels from the farthest waters make their way here.  Google Fiber, it’s awesome here in Duluth.

Now Here’s the Song
Portage to Heaven | Seafarer’s Way .mp3
I recorded this song with some friends in my living room-of-the-day, in a house dug out of the dunes on Park Point, the largest freshwater sandbar in the world. Lake Superior was placid, as the sun set across the rolling dunes on Lake Superior.  Anchored ships on the horizon kissed the sun’s final reflections goodnight.

I was thinking about the mystical nature of Duluth, this gateway to the Boundary Waters & canoeing “up north” with my sweet daughters. It was late summer 1998. We hope you enjoy my song,  Portage to Heaven.

Picture Boundary Waters

Duluth Pictures: Dennis O’hara, Copyright, used by permission.

Canoe Picture: Sylvie Weintraub

Music: “Portage to Heaven,” Marty Weintraub

  • Rick from Minnesota

    We were there a couple weeks ago and got some great pictures of the ice caves formed along the shore from water crashing into the ice. We also spent $80 at the chocolate shop. I am so weak when it comes to chocolate. How dp you guys handle it being so close to that decadent store

  • Marty Weintraub

    @Rick from Minnesota: It’s a constant challenge, but we have great chocolate in our office 🙂

  • Scott

    You’d think if this was a good marketing firm, they’d do a better job of grammar, spell-checking and making sure any URLs are correct.

  • Marty Weintraub

    @Scott: Thanks for stopping by and your supportive comment. Sadly, in the blogosphere perfection (say if you publish 1.3 million words in 4 years) sometimes is less of a priority than heartfelt message on a time-line. It’s always a trade-off. Please respond to this comment with the grammatical specifics and associated URLs. We’ll have a look-see. For now, please give the Topeka, Grand Rapids or Portland Mayor a high-5 for us :).

    PS. I wrote the post based on my experience and love of region. I have not been engaged by the city personally to write on anyone’s behalf but my own. (My mom used to tell me that “I am in charge of my own self….”) Cheers!

  • John

    Part 2?

    • Marty Weintraub

      @John: LOL, thanks for stopping by. Count on it.