youtube-logoBuilding an effective YouTube profile doesn’t necessarily need to be time-intensive, but like any other social media platform solid marketing requires commitment and constant upkeep.

Visibility takes  understanding the direct influence behind community outreach and maintaining presence in the  dialogue. YouTube success requires a brand voice spoken so clearly that it echoes across several channels.   Read on for up-to-the-minute video promotion tips and tricks.

Adopting YouTube
Building out the channel should be approached by first defining what exactly needs to be accomplished. Is the ultimate goal to make money through the partnership program, make a viral video, drive traffic to the website, create brand awareness or engage the target audience? Maybe it’s all of these and maybe it’s none. An honest audit of your marketing strategy should be undertaken before jumping into YouTube. Always keep in mind, social media platforms aren’t a one size fits all marketing solution. Each should be strategically vetted for their potential role in the overall marketing mix.

Keyword Research
One of the fundamental pieces to ranking well and allowing YouTube to actually find your content and index it in the right place is selecting the right keywords to use in your videos title, description and tags section. This is where keyword research comes in. There are a few different places to do keyword research in the YouTube platform and outside.

Selecting the Recording Location
ytmapYouTube has begun serving registered users videos that were recorded near their location in the feed. Appearing in this section requires that you select the location from the edit video page.

Related Content from Others
The channel should serve value to the users who visit. This means not only sharing your own content, but providing helpful videos you’ve mined that would serve your target audience. Do this by not only favoriting videos that you see fitting for your target audience, but by creating playlists for certain topics. Think of the target audience and what they would be interested in.

Identifying User’s on YouTube
Where do you start your search for users that will appreciate your content and hopefully one day champion your content? A good place to start is by doing searches for similar videos to your own. Check out the network the user that posted the content has and friend those that they friend or subscribe to.

Also, look at the comment field. It’s pretty easy to identify genuine and authentic users apart from the inauthentic. Bring them into your network by friending these users.

Community Engagement
It seems that community engagement has a direct effect on the ranking of videos. If you think about it, this seems to be a pretty straight forward and logical concept. Why shouldn’t users that provide content that other users interact with be rewarded?

Engaging the community and giving your channel a healthy pulse by providing valuable content and interactions with the content of others only serves to bring more attention back to your own channel and videos.

It’s apparent that YouTube is moving to a more social interface. This is evident with what YouTube has coined as “subtivity” pushing the activity of your subscribers through your feed. Before this subscribing meant solely not missing a video upload from the particular user. Now you are able to see the activity of those you subscribe to, from their uploads, favorites, ratings and/or comments.

This means that if you have users with a large amount of subscribers and they rate, comment or favorite one of your videos, your video will appear in the feed of their subscribers. This can open the door for more traffic to your content.

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photo credit: Cody Simms

  • Lauren

    Awesome post, Manny. Great tips for, among many things, YT keyword research; I’m glad you didn’t skip over the suggested search queries. Old tricks are the best tricks, is that the saying? So many marketers forget that this very accessible feature instantly puts them in the shoes of the searcher.

    Especially love this all-too-important gem: “…social media platforms aren’t a one size fits all marketing solution.” A discouraging amount of companies aren’t keen to this fact and it only ends up hurting them in the end, or at least, resulting in a total waste of time.

    Keep up the awesome work.