Apple’s sleek iPhone 3G is everywhere!  With a whopping 51% of US smartphone traffic and incredible rich media features, this baby is the ultimate FWB toy for making love to each other or yourself.


Read on, let the hair down, pour a favorite cocktail, open your mind and get ready to apply a sexy helping of hot techno-sexual creativity. Here are 5 ways to use your iPhone as a toy for mind-blowing sex:

iphone2#1 Good Vibrations
Tired of embarrassing bag-checks at airport security? iPhone 3G serves double duty as a discreet vibrator for pleasing her or him. Simply set the ringer to vibrate and ask your lover (or remote friend) to use the redial button on their phone to repeatedly call.

It’s a totally sexy game keeping the routine up long enough to reach a shuddering climax. Any inadvertent pauses only work out to be hotter teasing and encourage use of fingers in between redials.

“I use vibrate on all of my phones and the older iPhone’s vibrate was weak. The iPhone 3G’s vibrate is so strong that it almost vibrated my phone off the table.” – iPhone 3G Review

It’s best to use a thin silicon sleeve to keep moisture away from the iPhone’s actual surface. Easily washable, stimulate any body part to your heart’s content with hygienic confidence.

Open to building out your hardware? Try the ViibraExciter iPhone-compatible sex toy for men to deliver mind-bending vibrating sensations past normal unit usage. For the ladies, the  iPod sex toy is unbeatable for pulsating stimulation along with your favorite iTunes. Anyway you play it, the iPhone is a kick ass vibrator.

#2 Sexy iPhone Apps

Make foreplay even more titillating with iRomance-Romance Dice. The App leads couples through touching, massaging, kissing, rubbing, cuddling or caressing. Settings control whether you’ll be using lotion, wax or oil.

Sexy Spin is a game “so hot and sexy that it was banned from the App Store for 3 months.” It’s a sexy twist on Spin the Bottle with hot results like kissing, touching, stroking, rubbing, licking and other steamy activities.

Visit the ITunes App Store and search for “Sex.” There are dozens of paid and free adult Apps ranging from drinking games to sexy chat suggestions.



#3 Videos & Pictures
Sporting a 2 megapixel camera, 3.5-inch (diagonal) widescreen, 480-by-320-pixel resolution at 163 ppi and  video playback for up to 7 hours, the iPhone is the perfect video companion for lovers. There’s even an ambient light sensor for doing it in the dark!

Watch erotic video, take intimate shots of yourself and partner and revisit your personal highlight reel for inspiration. Watch XTube videos for a web-based turn on in any size, shape, inclination or flavor of porn. From any angle, the iPhone 3G delivers a fabulous visual experience to help you and your sweetheart over the edge when it’s money time.

#4 Call Other People on The Phone
iphoneLong before phones were smart, adults called each other on the phone to get off. After all the iPhone is a phone! Speed dial your favorite long distance flame and get wicked verbal. Put the other person (or couple) on speaker phone to share the heat with your partner.

Phone sex etiquette is all the rage, so make sure that everyone knows the drill and is respectful of verbal boundaries. At the end of the day, having an iPhone means you never have to climax alone.

#5 Social Media is For Lovers
Share the experience with peeps by tweeting your orgasms. Update your Facebook status to read “making love to my boyfriend.” Get raunchy and upload your own videos to XTube. Cruise Craigslist to fantasize with couples looking to connect. (Make sure to take all appropriate precautions to ensure your safety.)


Network, share and connect, all from the comfort of your lover’s arms-iPhone in hand. Putting the “social” in social media, use the iPhone’s stunning Apps and WiFi for adult-to-adult  fantasy role playing.

iPhone 3G is for Lovers!
The iPhone 3G is not your mother’s cell phone. Replete with incredible video quality,  a powerful vibrator, sexy Apps and a camera, adults can now enhance love making using a single integrated multi-media device. Don’t forget to don headsets or iDocked speakers for romantic mood music.

Connect with with peeps, tweeps and Facebook pals  and never be embarrassed at the airport again.  Try these and other creative techniques, using your iPhone for sex.

  • Carri Bugbee

    Yowsa! I know how passionate search marketers are about link love, but I think we can now credit you with inventing (or at least promulgating) link tease. Who knew there was such a thing as phone sex etiquette? What’s next? Miss Manners’ Guide to Excruciatingly Correct Smartphone Smut? There’s a business model in there somewhere.


  • Tom Wilkowske

    Surely this post will inspire linksturbation throughout the Interweb …

  • Marty Weintraub

    @Tom We are nothing if not selfless servants to our community.
    @Carri “Excruciatingly Correct Smartphone Smut?” You crack me up.

  • MPGodfrey

    Fascinating…looks like iPhone may need to come up with better phone protectors.

  • Kelly Myers

    Darn… and I just have a Palm.

  • Terri P

    gee- after learning how hard you were working on this blog, you must not have had time to put your iphone to test last night……..hehe.

  • Kim Krause Berg

    Okay…I admit this is far more tantalizing than our Banana Day at Cre8asiteforums, where we’re peeling off our fruit, etc.

  • Michelle Ross

    #SESNY just got sexy in a hurry! “Survey: 7% of Social Network Users Would Look at Messages During Sex ” THIS is what the other 93% are doing.