The amount and rate at which information permeates through this complex network is mind boggling. The platform is fundamentally different and considered to be the transformative communication technology of our era.

Why is Facebook so attractive to advertisers? Users are sharing personal information that make efficiently targeting a particular audience simple. BOOYA! Kasey Galang, Product Marketing Manager and Rebecca Sawyer, Online Sales Operations Manager at Facebook  guided the  SearchEngineStrategies New York 2009 audience  through the “social graph and provided tips and tricks for leveraging and optimizing advertising on Facebook.”

Face the Facebook Facts:
– 500,000 new users a day
– Current largest cohort growth: baby boomers
– Average user: 120 friends (…somebody friend me)

Facebook is looking forward to making ecommerce more effective & efficient. Just look at the level of granularity that’s capable of being attained when targeting.

The ability to:
– Find people before they search based on their interests and endorsements.
– Target individuals by life events. The example given of this was targeting engaged women. This particular demographic spends a large amount of green in a shorter period of time. Hmm, sounds like an opportunity to kiss the bride with some wedding dress ads.

Facebook Ads Targeting:
Sexual preference

This is the differentiation between Facebook and other social media platforms.

Creating Ads – Optimize for the Social Graph

Feature Update
Radius targeting, released recently, allows ads to be geo-targeted down to 10 miles from a given location.

The same best practice principles you use for creating ads elsewhere applies to FB.

1. Creative Best Practices
– Ad title 25 characters
– Ad body 135 limit
– Ad image 110x80px

2. Writing Relevant Ads
– Bring information that the user needs to know up front
– Catchy & relevant picture
– Strong call to action

Match your ad copy to your audience and objective. Make it personal!
3. Creating Multiple Ads
– Try multiple ads with various targets and be creative
– Within each test group, only change one variable at a time.
– Start broad and then determine what demo is converting the best and hone in.
– Run different ads to the same audience and see what converts the best.

4. Refreshing Your Creative
– it’s important to change ad title and image frequently because more than likely individuals will see the ad more than once.
– as the engagement starts to decline go in and change ad

5. Metrics for Optimization
– Use your stats like you would in any other ad program
– Reporting section (CTR, impressions, CPC, etc.)

Your ad could look something like this:
Its as simple as that. Facebook continues to improve the ad platform for both user and advertiser on a continual basis. Well what are you waiting for? Get out there and get those ads in yo potential customer’s Facebook!