Association with domains perceived by Google to be in bad neighborhoods can get your domain blown out of Google or seriously crippled.. This reality has spawned a favorite tactic amongst malfeasant black hats, who use the wormhole to destroy competition. It’s happened to our friends and it can happen to you.

As the story goes, simply purchase a bunch of good ol’ fashioned India porn links anonymously to your competitor, a bucket load at once. Then turn in the target to Google for buying links, in the “report paid links” program and …you know the rest. Goodbye competition. There are other techniques to use in tandem, to practically insure that the target is destroyed. Obviously Google’s system is rife for abuse.

Before lovely Lisa Barone 🙂 calls me out, we don’t DO this, but speakers at both SMX Advanced and SES San Jose (about as mainstream as it gets) highlighted the tactics for us all to gape at. Some were pretty upset. We’ve tested to confirm if it’s true, with throw away domains Google will never know we had anything to do with. Because good websites are vulnerable, it’s about time that Google gives webmasters the ability to disavow links in WebmasterCentral.

No Skin Off Google’s Nose
How could giving us that input possibly be bad for Google’s noble spam fighting efforts? We would simply log in to WebmasterCentral and, much like our ability to request URL removal, repudiate an inbound link by removing the “credit” from the index…no link juice, no bad Karma, no dolphins killed. The sacred algorithm remains intact. Gosh-gee Matt, isn’t the India site selling links the real problem? How can Google allow this tactic to exist?

We can’t help it if rouge idiots link or buy links to a site. We can’t help it if content is truly popular with the unscrupulous. If we’re going to pay the price for bad kids who admire us from afar or attack, then webmasters deserve the right to say “NO we don’t sanction their bad neighborhoods.”

Google kingmakers, while you’re trying to decide how much money to let us earn at Christmas, please consider this idea over braised beef tips and asparagus, with your pals at the ‘plex. 🙂

  • Brett Borders

    Amen! If you’re gonna hold other peoples’ links against us, at least allow us the chance to defend ourselves!

  • Shane McCallum

    This is one hole that should definitially be paid some heed by the guru’s at Google. It’s one thing to use black hat tactics to improve the rankings of your own site (not an endorsement) but to use tactics to torpedo the competition and have the referee (Search Engines) give you no angle for recourse is just awful.