Facebook is marketing social PPC to those who’s “chatter” on the social graph reflects involvement in search. The ad says “Reach your customers BEFORE they start searching Pay per click.” Using their own demographic targeting tools, FB is taking on Google by marketing to Google’s very best foot solders and salespeople….search marketing professionals.

The ad in the above screen capture appears in the left hand column 1/3 down the page when I check my in-box. Make no mistake, Social PPC is paid search, not social media, and the Facebook sales team is using the social graph on us to vie for our clients’ dollars. Given that nobody actually “searches” in FB, this flavor of “interrupt” advertising is an extreme targeting method, “PERSONAL Match.” It sure is right up MY snoot.

That said, I’m sure it does not take much of an algorithm to determine what MY interests and affinities are from behavior on FB 🙂 .

  • Geld Lenen

    I think we are going here to in the Netherland. Social Networks are getting bigger and bigger. In the Netherlands almost 1/4 of the population is active on social media sites. Good advertising possibilities indeed!

  • Marty Weintraub

    @Geld: 25% is a huge number. Giddy up!

  • Facebook Friend Adder Marketing

    Honestly, I have banner blindness with those ads. I think the mindset is different for people that come on to facebook. I’m not there looking to search for anything but my friends and family. I don’t think many people will consider facebook as a search tool other than for locating friends and family. You may be able to place and target these ads with pin point precision but I think most people will barely even notice them. Just my thoughts.