SEMpdx-searchfest20 minutes in the office this morning, a stop at the attorney to sign and notarize legal documents, an hour @ Sprint testing the new Blackberry World Phone, a short hop from Duluth, 3 hours of work in the Minneapolis airport NWA lounge, and finally we get to enjoy a relaxing upgraded-up-to-first-class flight to Portland OR.

Willamette wine country beckons with the allure of brilliant 90+ point Pinots and superb Nouveau French cooking. On Monday I’ll have the distinct pleasure of speaking @ SEMpdx Searchfest in Portland.

[Side note] I wonder if Portland, Maine even wonders why there’s no organic result on the Google SERPs for “Portland” until #8? He He, Portland, Maine could use a good search marketing agency.

Minnesota Search Marketing Agency on the Move
Our Duluth office has been a WHIRLWIND of quickly moving corporate growth. For those of you who’ve written to ask why aimClear Blog has slowed the pace of posts down just a little, I’ve been super busy with clients and also writing for SearchEngineWatch Blog, a publication founded by those I consider mentors.

SEW Executive Editor Kevin Heisler has been very sweet in respecting demand for my time from our valued clients while showing me the ropes. Over the last 18 months aimClear has gotten to know so many wonderful pros in the Sphinn/SearchEngineLand/SEORoundTable family. We’re fortunate to have amazing clients now all over the country.

Speaking @ SEMpdx SeartchFest March 19th
After I was invited to speak, SEMpdx ran a contest to see who will present with me (He He). I’ll offer discussion of the “dark side” of reputation management and share the “Stumble Troll Story.” This case-study is credited amongst some as having helped move eBay (owners of SU) to “let the folks at SU know” that rampant violations of TOS should be cleaned up.

How funny is it StumbleUpon’s new improved review flagging system that had been “on the drawing board for months” got rolled out right ‘round then- LOL? Anyway, the Searchfest session is on March 10th. I’ll also have the pleasure of sitting on a usability/recommendations “hot seat” site-clinic panel with Rand Fishkin and Stoney deGeyter.

SES NYC 2008
This show tops the list for many and historically it’s one of my favorites. Though previously scheduled meetings prevent me personally from covering Search Engine Strategies New York 2008, I will be there speaking March 19th, regarding social search. It’ll be an honor to sit aside Steven Marder, social search pioneer and founder of Eurekster.

aimClear will also have 3 well known bloggers covering SES New York, the details of which we’ll officially announce next week. If you’re planning on attending the IM-NY Charity Party on the evening of March 18th, I’ll be there late provided my flight is on time. Please come up, introduce yourself, and say “hello.”

We’ll, we’re about to land in Portland and sure do appreciate the difference between the -10 degree weather we left in Minneapolis and the 45 degree Portland evening. Things are really heating up in our agency and it’s going to get even busier. aimClear also plans on covering SMX Social, SMX Local/Mobile, SES San Jose, SMX Advanced, SES Chicago, Pubcon, and SMX East this year.

  • Steven Marder


    It will be my honor to hang out on stage with you as well. Looking forward to the always compelling SES NY. See you next week.


  • Marty Weintraub

    @Steven: Ditto, see you in NYC 🙂

  • MikeMarshall

    Hi Marty,

    I would love to hear your speaking points Marty, I hope you have one of your blog specialist with you to summarize the event. Unfortunately I cannot make it. I am also interested in what Rand and Scott Hendison have to say if your blog specialist could keep an eye on them as well.

    Best Regards,
    Mike Marshall

  • Jere

    Marty was brilliant and funny at SEMPDX. He must learn to slow down to Mach 2 when speaking, however, as I (and several table-mates) had a hard time following him as he spoke faster than the girl wearing too many caffeine patches in “Meet the Robinsons”. I type wicked stenographic fast. But I don’t think I could’ve kept up with Marty. Whew.

    He spoke on “Do as I say, not as I did” — concerning his fracas with the stumble trolls. I learned a lot at SEM PDX and took extensive notes from Marty’s talk about what NOT to do. He gave excellent advice and his slides from the show are available on this page:

    It sucked that there was no WiFi connection and no power outlets for the laptops at SEM PDX, but that’s not Marty’s fault. I would have blogged or twittered his talk as it happened, but by then my laptop battery was dead and with no wifi, I was pretty well back in the stone age using pencils and paper. People were clamoring for my pads and pens as we all reverted to being savages. It was brutal, I telya, being back in the 20th century for an hour or two.

  • MikeMarshall

    Thanks for the update and link Jere. I like the pencil and paper story too. 🙂