sempdxLast week SEMPDX, online home of Portland Oregon’s search marketing community, announced the commencement of ticket sales for their March 10th “Searchfest” event. I’m honored by the invitation to speak at a conference graced by such SEM Luminaries as Rand Fishkin and Matt McGee. I’ll step to the speakers’ podium for a presentation regarding reputation management and the “dark side” of social media marketing.

Also speaking at the session is Janet Johnson, a respected businesswoman-blogger who is well-known to the Portland business community. Today, SEMPDX announced that they’re accepting pitches to speak with Janet and I in Portland. Here’s the link for submission procedure and rules. The deadline is 1/24/08.

As many of our readers know, breaking into the national speakers circuit can be a challenge so this is a great opportunity. SEMPDX is a rapidly growing annual event which covers SEM fundamentals, link building & affiliate marketing techniques, social media marketing, analyzing campaign results and measuring ROI, case studies & results from real-life campaigns, SEM industry trends and future outlook.

Make your pitch now and we’ll see you in Portland this March.

  • Todd Mintz

    Marty, thanks for plugging this. Please don’t be too hard on the person that wins the contest :.)

  • Scott Hendison

    How does it feel to be turned into a prIze?
    (I wish we were allowed to enter the contest… 😉

  • Marty Weintraub

    Like the dragon waiting for the village to bring me my annual white-veiled Maiden….

  • Janet

    Ahem, so Marty, you don’t consider me “maiden fodder?” This will be a very fun panel. I am coming in to it armed for fun! 😉

  • Marty Weintraub

    @ Janet: You are jumping to assumptions 🙂