palm-treeThis is a time of year when everyone comes out with their “best of this” or “most influential of that” sort of posts. This is our contribution to the end-of-year sharing of personal favorites.

If I were marooned on a Caribbean island and could only read 6 search marketing blogs, Online Marketing Blog would be nourishment.

Lee Odden makes a professional statement with every iota of every communication, coming from a solid, respectable, inventoried, optimized, ethical foundation and front.

OMB sets the standards in our opinion for sourcing business content & covering conferences. Lee blogs about business blogging @ the intersection of social media.

If stranded on Mars (some say we are 🙂 ) with a 6-blog-quota, aimClear would still be reading our favorite website family. If there could only be one this is it. We count SearchEngineLand, Sphinn, and SEO Roundtable practically as the same site and can’t imagine existing as in-house SEM or agency without awareness of this industry defining community. SEL is the single deepest aggregation point for the most important search and search marketers’ news. We count the entire (and incredible) team of reporters and feature writers as the essential daily read.

While growing our fledging conference coverage chops, we try and hold our journalism to Barry’s SEO RoundTable organizational standards. Recently SEORT published Rusty Brick’s 5000th post which is MIND boggling. Of this year’s gains, the honor of blogging SES for SERT & presence on the SEL Blog Roll make us most proud of all. Sphinn is aimClear’s “home” micro-community. Barry, Danny, Sphinn, SEL, SERT, SMX, it’s all a huge part of the SEM industry’s very heart.

Subway outage in Berlin, can’t get out, and laptop batteries failing? We’d be reading Andy is an affable international symbol & soul of science, sociability, and pure technical prowess. Let’s put it this way. There were 3 times in 2007 where aimClear needed the advice of an iconic SEO. Andy Beard was one of the Skype Calls. He helped solve the matter straight away.

He’s generally perceived as the father of the “DOFOLLOW” movement, which is an incredibly holistic approach to link juice, equity, integrity and, to an extent, the European way. When Andy gives a link, it’s truly a recommendation which should be followed. The analysis and editorial presence purveyed on cuts stark and subtle edges across technical and social lines alike.

A definite destination for when we’re snowed in to Duluth, Minnesota would be Cornwall SEO. Lyndon is one of the most essentially pragmatic brand shepherds I’ve ever met. The guys’ as headstrong as the rest of us but always puts brand first forward above all. From the distinctive red avatar to the degree with which he’ll mix things up-you KNOW who Lyndon is, first time, & don’t you forget it.

His headline writing is among the best in the business, instincts for “where the line is” impeccable, and friendship…well friendly. We talk to our clients about the “UK style of linkbaiting.” We’re talking about Lyndon.

Marooned in the Caribbean, stranded on Mars, snowed-in Duluth, or even subway-deprived in Berlin, if we had to pick our favorite bloggers, Lee Odden, Barry Schwartz, Danny Sullivan, Andy Beard, & Lyndoman would be our staples. We hope you check them out. We wish you and yours a truly Happy Christmas.

  • Lyndon

    Nice bit of vanity-bait Marty 😉 Thanks for the kind words and link.

  • Marty Weintraub

    I just KNEW someone would call this some kind of bait. The best bait is the truth…which this is…credit where credit is due. 🙂

  • Barry Schwartz

    Wow! Thanks so much!

  • Marty Weintraub

    @Barry: you’re welcome…well deserved…thank YOU.

  • Scott Hendison

    Nice list –
    Poor Lee though – Think of the pressure on him now for 2008!

    “…a professional statement with every iota of every communication…” –

  • Marty Weintraub

    @ Scott: I’m sure Lee will work through it. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and Happy Holidays.