Marty WeintraubWe’ve received gratifying feedback in public and private to recent articles discussing the associated challenges of scaling search marketing from solo practice to agency. No doubt each day in our wonderful office presents fascinating, if not daunting, crossroads which have the potential to make or break the business. We’re having so much fun.

We’ve made some mistakes and done other things pretty well right. The fact that Rand Fishkin has been willing to unselfishly share what he’s learned about SEM agency structures certainly helped us shape our business model. Andy Beal has offered extremely practical information. In retrospect, Danny Sullivan & Chris Sherman’s SEM business track @ Search Engine Strategies 2006 mattered a lot.

Technology investments, hiring decisions, analytics philosophy, PPC management, accounting, training, marketing, transparency, social media strategies, networking, community relations, and many other issues require attention, vision and a cast-iron stomach.

Our next post marks the inaugural topic to lead off a series of articles we’re calling “SEM Agency Fundamentals.” In it we’ll discuss the highly personal tradeoffs associated with PPC account control and whether to use client credit cards or the agency’s. We hope you enjoy the series and look forward to your comments, input, perspective, and experience.

  • MikeMarshall

    This looks great Marty. I love this kind of frontline industry insight.

  • Marty Weintraub

    Thanks Mike. That’s what SEM blogs are for. Whether anyone agrees or think’s about things similarly, Let’s talk about stuff.

  • Gary

    Great reading but where is the rest of the series?