Our SES Chicago 2007 is complete and we’re heading back to the blustery ice and snow of Minnesota early tomorrow morning. It’s my understanding that Duluth received a little over 30 inches of snow in our absence. I want to express gratitude for the warm hospitality extended by the SES Kevins: Ryan & Heisler.

Today I put on my SeoRoundTable correspondent hat again which explains why we did not post in these pages. To those SEL/Sphinn friends who chose Vegas, we hope you had a hell of a time at PubCon. There were some tasty bits here on the SEM firm track for the experienced, which you would have found informative.

Regardless of whichever conference whoever thought cool this week, it’s powerful any time you get talented folks together with histories like Richard Zwicky, Greg Jarbo, Eric Enge, David Szetela, Liana Evans, Danny Sullivan, (yes Danny was here), Chris Boggs, Seth Godin, Sage Lewis, Mike Grehan, David Dalka, Shari Thurow, and…well…the list is very long. All I can say is that SES served the audience here very well.

SEM is Going to Get More Competitive
With so many hard core SEMs in Vegas, the escalating competitiveness of the SEM profession was stark. Us diehards met (and tutored) the next generation of corporate marketers about to flood our ranks and bid for our clients. That’s the SEO open-source way: we help each other out. Power bloggers link to their competitors.

The Chicago Hilton was jamming with SEO/SEM newbies, cool search firms we’ve never heard of, advertising agencies morphing into search, and search-hungry delegates from shell-shocked companies of all sizes, ranging from giganto-brands to sole proprietorships. Trust me, these traditional CPG, PR, brand evangelists, IT jocks, and uber-experienced corporate marketing types smell the money on the table and they plan on getting after us. We were there to help….and SES made a few bucks. Good 4 them. 🙂

We’ll be back to the normal aimClear flow on Monday, after I dig my jeep out and find the back door. We’re looking for a bigger office in Duluth, incorporating new clients into our work flow, and training new personnel. SES was all about new friends and growing competition. It’s all good. Travel safely everybody.

  • Michael Streko

    Marty it was good meeting you. I look forward to the next New York conference when we can skip out and go fishing for a bit.

  • Marty

    @Michael: Ditto brother Sphinner

  • Mike Marshall

    Hi Marty,

    As always, great show coverage, the next best thing to being there.

    I came across this article while doing some research on conversion tracking. When I saw wrote it, and the date it was written, I had quite a chuckle.

    A portent of the future:

  • Marty Weintraub

    @ Mike: I was waiting for that little nugget to be dredged up. 🙂 I looked for your @ the ClickPath booth but your were not around.

  • Mike Marshall

    Yeah, I had some Texas business I had to attend to. I will be at SMX West though. Hope to see you there.

    Good luck with the snow shovel. I have the AC on down here…