Good morning from Search Engine Strategies Chicago 2007, “The Intersection of Search Marketing & Commerce.” The sun has not yet risen over Michigan Avenue, yet excitement quietly ripples through the Chicago Hilton’s breakfast crowd. This gilded hotel is grand and well-steeped in American history. Also historic is this years’ Chicago SES which has been the subject of much conjecture and has long been anticipated as harbinger for the direction Incisive Media will ultimately take SES.

The agenda is interesting and conceptually evolved from previous years. Anne Stratioti and I will be covering the conference for aimClear blog over the next 4 days. Also, I am honored to help out with SeoRoundTable coverage, coordinated here in Chicago by veteran SEM blogger Chris Boggs. Check out the homepage of aimClearBlog for all of today’s Chicago SES posts and please consider grabbing our feed.

Search marketing conference coverage is not the stuff extensive or virulent comment threads are born of, yet they’re my favorite blogging assignments and of excellent benefit for our clients and staff. We’ll keep you informed. Stay tuned.

  • Michael Streko

    I land tomorrow morning at 7:00 am, I look forward to meeting you Marty, hopefully you will not be to slammed busy and have a bit to chat.

    Is it snowing there yet?

  • Marty Weintraub

    I look forward to meeting you Michael. No show yet!