MouthThe “H” in Sphinn is Too Hard to Pronounce and I’m DROPPING It. It does funny things to my tongue and teeth. First there’s the sssss sound and then for some reason I touch my top teeth to lower lip after tongue is behind teeth.

Others Agree
I’ve polled our staff and they agree that needless mouth energy is expended for this phonetic brand play and our official shop pronunciation has been changed to SPINN. Please note that the double “N” is no bother at all.

Maybe Rand and Barry don’t actually pronounce the “H” when talking among themselves and snicker at the rest of us droolers :). Maybe I have some kind of defect (be nice everybody). Further the question begs to be asked if the Sphinn moniker is accessible to those people working through lisps. Think that one through. I wonder how all our British friends like Lyndon pronounce this?

  • Matt Keegan

    I have been pronouncing Sphinn as Sfinn, assuming that the ph makes an “f” sound. The word sounds almost Swedish to me — could Sphinn be Sven’s brother?!

  • Marty Weintraub

    The word is too much work!

  • Sujan Patel

    I don’t even say the word. Its so complicated thats its easier for me to say “danny sullivans new digg like site for seos”

  • derek

    Lol, I too fall into the camp that has simply been calling it Spinn.

  • Marty Weintraub

    It’s the economical solution! Thanks for stopping by Derek.

  • Glen Allsopp ~ Social Media

    I have always said it like ‘Spin’, Sfin just sounds weird

    Spin & Spun