As aimClearBlog grows not much makes our day more than a shiny new late-in-the-day-link from Sphinn. By way of background Sphinn is the latest Search Engine Land social community brain-child of Danny Sullivan and his ubiquitous comrades. Yeah some say Sphinn’s a popularity contest and others vote only based on great headlines. Whatever…links from the Sphinn homepage are among the most satisfying because Sphinn is an amalgamate of consummate link baiting artists competing for white space.

Also we’ve noticed Spinn’s propensity to drive noticeable traffic. That said the “Sphinn Effect” seems to be the extreme focus of traffic arriving on our doorstep. Visitors sent are the exact demographic we seek…search marketing folks like us.

In this case Lyndon Antcliff of Cornwall SEO re-titled our post “Avoid the PPC Ramp Up Money Pit” to “Slap yourself with a large wet fish and stop wasting money with PPC.” LOL! Lyndon has been flexing his digg-bait muscles with masterful use of the Sphinn format from day one. We like that his model is unselfishly promoting others’ content rather than focusing his own. Thanks for the support Lyndon.

  • Lyndoman

    Maybe I have been watching too many episodes of My Name is Earl.

    Actually, there is a cold hard strategy at work here. It’s what a lot of people trying to game digg and other social sites forget. They are not called social sites for a reason.

    People seem to expect to succeed by being anti social.

    Hmmm, this has triggered thoughts, I’m off to my blog to continue.

  • Marty Weintraub

    It’s always fun when Lyndon’s thoughts are triggered :). Everybody hold on!