Our clients are awesome. The products they sell, services they offer, and charismatic vision-personalities at the marketing table amaze me. A number of of aimClear’s clients could easily commit to and become accomplished SEMs in their own right. We’re grateful they hire us to be their SEM research eyes and ears. We love the KPIs we are tasked with.

Still search marketing is not an exact science and amounts to very hard work. In the early days of a blog it can feel like you’re writing for nobody. PPC requires constant creativity and vigilance, organic SEO based on keyword research is only for those fastidious few.

Late last week a well respected UK linkbait blogger posted a “response” to linkbaiting we sent his way. I questioned whether to publish this graphic but it’s SO DARN FUN. What we love about his post is that Lyndon speaks to the real issue at hand-keeping promises made by attention grabbing headlines. At the risk of perceived self-indulgence, here you go:



  • Mike Marshall

    Yes, you definitely have to show that graphic, no matter what the consequences of self-indulgence.

  • Mutiny Design

    You love your clients? Want to swap places with a web developer and the nightmares of underpirced bespoke eCommerce?

  • Matt Keegan

    I’ve always liked Lyndon’s and Andy Beard’s big headlines. My tag isn’t nearly as big as the one on their blogs, so they get a lot of attention through the font size as well as the red font color.

    I recently told a customer that visitors to a website spend mere seconds on it before moving on — an attention grabbing title is what can sustain their visit and convert them to a sale.

  • Marty Weintraub

    Thanks Matt. The more hyperbolic and in your face the headline is, the more important it is to keep the promise with the content.